About Us

The Magical Years is a Montessori pre-school that sees your child as he really is, and develop his potential, be it spiritual, emotional, physical or intellectual.

Set in the premises of one of India's premier sports academies, The Bhupathi Tennis Village the association is a strategic one, focused on nurturing the best in your child.

The Tennis Village, established in 1995, dedicates itself to pushing the boundaries of sporting brilliance, while The Magical Years is committed to excellence in education. Together we reinforce the philosophy of holistic education: Sports is an essential and integrated component of our curriculum.

The years of early childhood demand of a child, feats he may never again equal - the learns to walk, to talk, he develops a conscience, memory, and gains knowledge through his own experiences. The actualization of his intelligence, his sensorial skills, his finer movements, his language, his mathematical ability, his coordination, his social skills, all these foundations are laid in the early years of life.

These are truly the magical years of life.


KRISHNA BHUPATHI, ranked Junior No 1 in his time, began the Tennis Village in Bangalore to shape young talent into winners. Beginning with his own son, Mahesh Bhupathi, he is responsible for many budding tennis champions today. He works tirelessly with young people to achieve their combined dream: to make India famous for her champions.

MRS. SHIRLEY MADHAVANKUTTY enriches The Magic Years School with over 40 years of teaching experience. She is the founder of 'the magic years' in New Delhi, now rated as India's most preferred pre-school. She is also the founder member of Indian Montessori Foundation and is recognized by Cambridge University and the Government of India, along with innumerable children and parents, as one of the most important people in education today.

Montessori Method

Education is redefined by the Montessori Method as the process needed to develop and actualise human potential. It is concerned with the blossoming of the entire personality of the child.

Montessori Environment

The Magical Years creates a child-sized world, incorporating the outside in an attractive yet seamless way, so that children can easily understand it and choose their own journey through it.