Montessori Method

Education is redefined by the Montessori Method as the process needed to develop and actualise human potential. It is concerned with the blossoming of the entire personality of the child. The Method combines scientific observation with a practical approach based on the discovered laws of development of the mind and body of the child.

It recognizes the childs inner, natural path for development and understands that children have an instinctive tendency to develop through spontaneous experiences in the environment. They work unlike adults not for the completion of a job, but for the activity itself. This enables them to accomplish their most important goal: the development of their individual selves their mental, physical and psychological powers.

The cornerstone of the Montessori Method is the enjoyment and satisfaction produced when childrens natural love of learning is respected and allowed to flourish in a nurturing environment.The potential of the child is not just mental, it is revealed when the complete Montessori method is understood and followed. The childs choice and high level of concentration reached when he is respected reveal a human being that is superior not just academically but emotionally and spiritually, a child who cares deeply about other people and the world and who works to discover a unique and individual way to contribute.

The years of early childhood demand of a child, feats he may never again equal - the learns to walk, to talk, he develops a conscience, memory, and gains knowledge through his own experiences. The actualization of his intelligence, his sensorial skills, his finer movements, his language, his mathematical ability, his coordination, his social skills, all these foundations are laid in the early years of life.

This is the essence of the Montessori child

Montessori Environment

The Magical Years creates a child-sized world, incorporating the outside in an attractive yet seamless way, so that children can easily understand it and choose their own journey through it.


The Magical Years way takes the four integral components of the Montessori Method - Mental, Technical, Social, and Physical, required for complete player development, and merges them into a unique foundation programme for children.